About us

The Parrot Family

Parrot family welcomes You with a warm heart to offer some color, good emotion & little bit mystery to Your day. We love contrasts, playfulness & open mind. Life cannot be boring – food must be an experience, spirits should open Your senses, atmosphere create a mood. Everybody has a role & character in this jungle.
Don’t forget yourself! You are also a part of the jungle when entering Parrot. Let our mixologists surprise You while waiting Your taste experience form our open view kitchen. And when You feel that now it’s a time for something new, then ask about the secret we are hiding.

Our chefs


Parrot’s kitchen is ruled by a young & talented Adeele. With passionate dedication she enjoys creating perfect taste combinations with visually beautiful aesthetics. Hard-working, kind & ready to conquer the world.


This is Jüri, serious looking but with irresistible humor, our master of the grill. He grills the perfect steaks. Passionately doing his job, he always stays calm and balanced and ready for a Gin Tonic….or two.